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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this site!

On this site, I am sharing my thoughts and ideas within the areas that I am passionate about with the hope of finding other people who are passionate about the same things. On the page about me I have written about my background and what I am engaged in so please have a read of that page too.

This site is split up into a number of areas which are trading, investing, personal financeFinTech, and business.

Please let me explain how I view each area.


Since I started to trade the markets in 1998 I have used a lot of methods and done my fair share of research. I have been a systems trader as a US-based CTA and I have been trading discretionary. I found success in both areas and I have been a 400 lot S&P 500 (ES) trader.

I try to constantly adapt to the current marketplace and I both daytrade and position trade as well as investing for the long term.

My thoughts about investing are explored later on this page so let’s stick to trading for now.

Day trading

For pure day timeframe trading, I am a student of the methods taught by Mr. Jim Dalton. As for the instruments that I trade I mainly use futures and options on futures. In Europe I trade Eurostoxx 50, I don’t have the stomach for DAX futures anymore 🙂

When the US opens I trade the S&P 500 through the ES contract.

Position trading

For longer-term trading (2days – several months) I am a practitioner of the Elliott Wave Principle. A long time ago I even wrote a book on the subject called Day trading with Elliott Waves.

I really like the work produced by Elliott Wave International and Todd Gordon of Trading Analysis so please visit those sites if you want to learn more about the subject.


Yes, I use both technical analysis and fundamental analysis in my market activities and when it comes to investing I like the Warren Buffett approach. If you want to learn more about this thinking you should have a read of the great book called The Warren Buffett Way.

In my investing activities, I also use the long-term Elliott Wave projections which I think gives me even better odds of success.

Personal finance

The area of personal finance obviously integrates with investing and trading but in this section, I am focused on stuff like long-term capital allocations, house loans and so on.


I love finance and I love technology! Since 2005 I founded a few companies within the area and I am constantly on the lookout for new services that can help people and companies to achieve a better financial life.


I am an entrepreneur and I like exploring new business opportunities both as a founder and as an investor. In this section, I write about general business topics and interesting opportunities.

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