I am an entrepreneur, trader and programmer who loves technology, investments and personal finance!

I started my career in 1998 when I was 20 years old and founded a company within equity research online while trading in the financial markets.

I evolved into having my own US-based CTA (hedge fund) as a trader and developed my own algorithms. When I was 25, I had reached a level where I traded 400 contracts at a clip of the S&P 500 futures (ES).

In 2003, together with partners from the US and England, I started a so-called Prop-trading business in Skövde, Sweden where we trained traders and gave them capital to manage.

In 2005, the journey began to start a financial hub, untied from traditional financial institutions, focusing on the end customer and which has since been a common thread throughout my career.

Initially, we built a new stock trading platform where investors could trade fractions of shares in order to be able to spread risk with less capital and efficient long-term savings. Initially, we operated everything from Skövde and in 2007 set up offices in London where the business grew.

Life is usually not as you imagined and in 2009 I was forced to sell the creation and had to start the journey again with some capital from the sale and with the team in Skövde, Sweden.

Our financial hub should not function as a banking monopoly but accept that there are many good companies in the market that provide good financial services and technology. We cannot be great at everything and it is important to make partnerships and let the customer choose the products that are best for them in each area.

We were betting that the traditional banks would realize this and maybe even be forced to open up their environments via API so that we could access them from our applications and let customers manage their assets at other institutions through our interface as well.

I started two operations in 2010. One was Bricknode, where we would build a complete cloud based business system for securities investing of various types and which we would rent to securities companies and financial institutions. The goal was that these customers could set up an online broker like Avanza / Nordnet in the course of a few weeks using our technology. The Bricknode platform also includes a complete API that allows other institutions to interact with automation and also our financial hub can partner with these customers.

The other business was Untie Group, which is becoming the financial hub and where we started lending operations in 2011, which we financed ourselves in the group. Our policy is always to take 100 % of the risk ourselves until we are fully convinced that everything works before we open to external investors.

In 2018, we opened for external investors for the first time and in 2019 we also added various forms of savings products with mainly preference shares that yield 7 % return with monthly payments and which are tax-free for companies and result in an effective return of 8.5 %. Untie Group reached a milestone with having over 50,000 customers!

After the summer of 2019, we opened for the first time the opportunity for the public to join our financial hub initiative through a public share issue that we set up entirely ourselves using the systems in Bricknode.

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