We have sacrificed short-term buzz for long-term scalability, was that the right thing to do?

When building a new company there are two ways to go, either you focus on selling “Blue Sky” where you build a nice facade. With this mindset you go for the money before you have created anything and try to raise capital for your endeavour very early.

The other approach is to build a viable business first with small means before you start looking for external financing. With the later approach my experience is that you sacrifice building buzz about your company because everyone is busy building stuff and trying to do business instead of talking about the business that you think about doing.

Instinctively I like the latter approach and that is the way we have done it with both Bricknode and Untie Group. We have built very efficient operations and real enterprise-like IT-infrastructures which you usually only find at Fortune 500 companies, but the problem is that basically no one, or very few, have actually heard of us.

I keep debating with myself which way is the optimal one, to reach the kind of scalability that we can have you must build a great base for your company or you will fail as soon as you start scaling. At the same time if no one knows about what you have done it is all for naught.

In the end I hope that future investors will grasp what we have under the hood and that we will gain enough interest for these great teams to really fly. What a feeling it will be when we have the resources to actually hire new staff members each time that we have a great opportunity or when we need to fix some stuff internally instead of having to squeeze water out of a rock with current resources šŸ™‚

We are 10 years into our creation now and somehow, we have managed to invest more than EUR 17 million, where most come from generated income, in Untie Group and more than EUR 8 million in Bricknode, where most is generated SaaS income too.

Now is the time for us to start building buzz and tell the world that we exist!

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