According to Kleiner Perkins we are in the sweet spot!

A very encouraging article was published today by Forbes regarding FinTech trends for 2020.

In the article Desai Weiss says that people will not be able to keep track of their finances in 10 different apps, that is music to my ears! I have been saying that this would happen since I started Untie Group and Bricknode in 2010!

Desai continues to say that there should be some kind of “super app” coming along that will keep track of it all for us šŸ™‚

This is exactly why we have spent more than 10 years building our “engines” for which is now in beta mode and coming along nicely with frequent releases.

The third trend concerns infrastructure investments where companies that will help manage compliance, fraud and other building blocks should see money going their way. This is right up the alley of Bricknode where we have built what I call an operating system for financial services!

It is great fun to see what is happening within our industry and I hope that both Untie Group and Bricknode will get some traction from investors during 2020 so that we can start expanding our marketing and sales efforts. No matter how good your product is you still have to fight like crazy to get your name out there!

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