Selling some stocks, shorting bonds and investing in peer to peer loans

The stock markets are continuing to raise and the US is shooting for a new top.


I took some profits today in order to reduce my risk for my trading positions and re-allocate some capital. An example is Atlassian (TEAM) where I removed the larger position which I established at the last dip during the end of February.


During August 2016 I started to initiate a short position in bonds through the ETF with the symbol TLT since I am convinced that the interest levels will rise quite a bit. It turned out to be quite a good trade when the first wave down started for the bonds and since December I have been flat in TLT. A few days ago I initiated a short position again around 124 but I had not participated that the fall would come so fast since I wanted to establish a larger position so now the trade is relatively small.


The capital that became available from the stock sales I have allocated towards peer to peer loans which I am a big proponent of and I use Kreditborsen (the credit exchange) for these investments. Through the service I get 10 – 15% returns per year which is hard to compete with when measuring the associated risks of other investments. I work with focused investments but I like to spread my bets a bit.

In general I work with one trading portfolio where I act more actively with stocks and ETF’s. I also have long term stock portfolio with a few long term holdings in a Warren Buffet manner! Outside of this I am involved with a few companies and a lot of investments in peer to peer loans to get long term cash flow which I think works better than dividend stocks.

Good luck and remember to book some profits.


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