Trading update

The continued trading result has been very good, looking at Adobe I last wrote about the breakout from resistance when the stock was around $113 per share and I increased my position just above $113.

Adobe then had a run up to $122 and I have taken off my excess position size and I am only keeping my core position in Adobe while waiting for a correction in the stock.


The next stock that I have been trading around is Atlassian where I sold my excess position just below $30 per share and then re-entered into the pullback at $29 and $28.50. The stock is now starting to turn up again with great fundamentals and I would be looking to take some profits again around $32.


I have also started to establish a long position in Gold again since I think it is establishing a bottom in the short term.


Finally I also have positions in Japan through the ETF called EWJ and I am looking to get back in to India through the ETF called INDA.

Through my public investment company, Willebrand Invest, I am also looking to enter into a new share offering from the FinTech company Pensiono who started their public funding round today at the crowd funding site Pepins. Pensiono is a platform customer to Bricknode (the financial platform and ecosystem provider for FinTech companies and financial institutions where I spend most of the time when I am awake, probably also when I am asleep…).

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