Blow out move for Adobe


Adobe (ADBE) sprinted through resistance today and obviously I am sorry that I took some profits yesterday. You can’t nail them all and its not good to be greedy 🙂

So, now I am sitting with my base position and awaiting the next pullback to add on again.

Adobe is pushing new highs


Adobe (ADBE) has pushed above its previous high now and I took some profits on that move since I bought more share around 103.50. The area around 111 is a short term tell, if the stock can close around today’s high we might see a few more days with gains but if it closes below 111 I would bet on at least a short term pull-back where I can increase my position again.

Time for earnings release from Atlassian tomorrow

My favorite stock, Atlassian (TEAM) is due to report earnings after the bell tomorrow and the estimate is for -0.02 with the low estimate at -0.03 per share. I love the long term growth story here but I have increased my position on the way down with the latest entry around 24.5 and I am looking to take a little bit off prior to the report just to be prudent.


Continued good news for Adobe and Gold is ready for a pullback

Adobe (ADBE) is continuing to raise from the bottom around 103 and has announced that its purchase of TubeMogul is finalized. This is a strategic acquisition for Adobe and as I wrote in my last post I am looking to hold Adobe for the long term. I am however trading around my core position which means that I am buying more when the stock drops and then I am selling some of that extra inventory when I get a short term appreciation in price.


I am also looking at Gold (GLD) where the metal has had a good run to the upside lately and now I am looking for a pullback where I can establish a position again.


Main themes for 2017

So, how is 2017 sizing up? Well, 2016 was a very good year with very good trades both on the long and the short side.

First I think we should look at Japan. I have had a bet during 2016 that the 20 year long bear market was over and it has paid off. During the last few weeks the index had a correction down to 19,000 where I increased the position again after taking some off around 19,500. Long term I am a believer in Japan and if the price action doesn’t throw me any great curve balls during 2017 I will be trading from the long side.


Now Interest rates, I am a believer that we have seen the absolute low in interest rates which means that we have seen the top in Bonds since bond prices are moving inverted to the interest rates.


I went very negative around 170 in the 30yr US bond and I am playing this by shorting the stock with symbol TLT and I then covered a few times on the way down. The bonds has since bounced a bit and I am now stalking this market and looking to get in on shorting again within this bounce.


The US stock market I think is building a large top but I am still trading US stocks from the long side in some selected names like Adobe (ADBE) where I used the last correction to get a position on with an average price around 104.


Finally I will mention Atlassian (TEAM) where I am a big fan and user myself of their products. The stock had a great run of a bottom during the year and has since been in a long downtrend. I am building a position in the name since I think it is a stable business with a great future.


Hope you had a great new year and that you are now ready for some action in 2017!