Finishing a great launch

It is definitely not every day when you can be a part of launching something which can be viewed as a breakthrough. After a lot of hard work from many involved we at Bricknode today launched three new software modules within our platform called Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS) which solves many problems for users of financial technology.

The challenges posed within this area with regards to building software which can adjust itself to frequently changing requirements and new areas of usage are many. Maybe the technical challenge is just as big as the practical since the logic behind financial transactions can be very complex.

Here is a link to today’s launch newsletter: Click here

One of the big things are automatic management of so called TRS which is a system for financial institutions where they report transactions to the regulators. This is used among others by the UK FSA and the Swedish Financial Inspection.

We have created a video which shows how BFS can handle this job.

A yet more advanced challenge is the management of massive numbers of transactions which we solved by introducing a brand new dashboard launched today. This accompanied by international tax management with source tax withholding, double taxation agreements and much more through a user friendly interface is quote a feat.

To finish this off it is worth to mention a completely new portfolio report with flawless details offering an easy way to follow each penny in the account. Read more about it through our Wiki article.