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We have sacrificed short-term buzz for long-term scalability, was that the right thing to do?

When building a new company there are two ways to go, either you focus on selling “Blue Sky” where you build a nice facade. With this mindset you go for the money before you have created anything and try to raise capital for your endeavour very early. The other approach is to build a viable […]


I don’t want to be remembered as a profit optimiser

I always start with the Why? Why am I doing what I am doing? Why have I been working day and night for 20 years? From where do I get fuel to do this day in and day out? What drives me is leaving a legacy when I am done of having made something better […]


According to Kleiner Perkins we are in the sweet spot!

A very encouraging article was published today by Forbes regarding FinTech trends for 2020. In the article Desai Weiss says that people will not be able to keep track of their finances in 10 different apps, that is music to my ears! I have been saying that this would happen since I started Untie Group […]


Give your kids a head start in life by investing with reduced tax

With 7 % annual return you can almost double your kids savings during 18 years.


Invest the dividends from your small business with 0 % tax and secure your pension

Small businesses in Sweden can take advantage of an annual amount of SEK 171,875 (2019) which can be paid out as dividends with a tax rate of 20 % instead of the regular +50 % that you get charged from the 3:12 regulations. Any amount that you don’t pay out can be saved for the […]